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This is a Lender based platform and the services are provided accordingly. Lenders can simply send bitcoin to the exchange and can earn 15% - 25% interest rate on their investments for a specific period of time, along with membership bonuses and referral bonuses up to 15%. All investments are valid only for 3 months to 6 months locking period along with the base fund. 0% charges or brokerage fee.

Fast Transaction

All the transactions are going through Blockchain technology which makes it secure as well as faster.

Cold Storage

Our platform keys are generated offline, stored offline and transactions are signed offline. We drastically reduce cybersecurity threats by never exposing keys to network-connected devices.


Our multi-signature process ensures that no single party can move your funds. Key encryption and layers of distribution secure your funds against both internal and external threats.

Monitor Balances & Interests

Monitor your account balances and generated interest for every exchange and every currency in real-time.

Coin Lending

We provide lending facility prior to the customer in the most profitable way.

24x7 Service

Our lending platform runs 24x7 in order to maximise the interest rate.

Lenders Guarantee

Trustworthy Company

Coindaxcorp is a European company with all the licenses required for operational activities. The platform has full legal status and protected infrastructure to ensure the security of funds.

Guaranteed Repayments

Crypto collateral ensures repayment of the loans in time and without default risk. The platform automatically notifies borrowers about the due dates of upcoming repayment. Lenders get notified when the loan gets repaid.

Secure Transactions

All the transactions on the platform are highly secured with SSL protocol and other modern security measures.

Growth Opportunities

Opportunity to participate in different crypto currencies giveaway and win rewards.

Facility to set up own COINDAXCORP branch in the respective city.

Special rewards on achieving different milestones.

Opportunity to build world wide network and connect with global leaders.

Aquire the leadership from your respective country.

Get a chance to win grand reward Lamborghini aventador.

Lets consider initial investment as 1BTC

Daily ROI- 0.0084BTC - 30 days ROI - 0.252BTC - 120 days ROI- 1.008BTC
Reinvest 1BTC after 120 days.

Now your daily ROI will 2X from 4months onward.
Total Investment 2BTC
Daily ROI- 0.0168BTC - Next 60 days ROI- 1BTC

Reinvest 1BTC and now daily ROI will be 3X from initial investment.
Total Investment 3BTC
Daily ROI - 0.0252BTC - Next 40 days ROI- 1BTC

Reinvest 1BTC and now daily ROI will be 4X from initial investment.

Total investment - 4BTC
Daily ROI - 0.0336BTC - Next 30 days ROI- 1BTC

Reinvest 1BTC and now daily ROI will be 5X from initial investment
Total investment - 5BTC
Daily ROI - 0.042BTC - Next 23 days ROI- 1BTC

Stop reinvesting from now.
your initial investment 1BTC for 360days.
Without reinvest , you earn daily ROI 0.0084BTC and 360days ROI =3.024BTC + Initial investment 1BTC
Total ROI = 4.024BTC

With reinvest for total 273 days, your earning will be 3.654BTC + Initial investment 1BTC
Total ROI = 4.654BTC + Additional 0.0336BTC daily because you have 4BTC investment running now.
Initial investment 1BTC
Next 180 days ROI - 6.048BTC and the process continues like this.
Total ROI will cross 14BTC from only 1BTC investment. All contracts can follow same process for maximum ROI , the earning amount will vary according to the investment amount.